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‘Rush’ lives up to its title


Let me start by saying that it would be a crime for The Academy not to award Daniel Bruhl‘s portrait of the iconic formula-1 star Niki Lauda with an Oscar nomination. That being said, let’s get into Ron Howard‘s ‘Rush‘.

‘Rush’ tells the true story of Lauda and fellow driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Their bittersweet rivalry started in their young formula-3 days and culminated in the 1976 formula-1 racing season. The movie is almost constructed like a race: we’re given a good amount of backstory for each driver, each gets the best of the other a few times, and the end is a fight to the emotional finish, as tensions mount and both racers begin to see each other in new and interesting ways.

It’s an incredibly satisfying piece of work, even if the details aren’t accurate, which, according to my research, they are. Howard and Company have done a terrific job making ‘Rush’ a seamless 70s period piece. From the costumes to the vehicles, from the sets to the story, everything feels as like it’s been meticulously dissected. But this accuracy doesn’t lord over the film’s dramatic elements, and that’s what’s so great about ‘Rush’. Its performances are a comfortable interior; its cinematography, set design, and direction are a pristine engine; its writing is a clean coat of paint. It all adds up to a sweet ride and a well-oiled machine.

George Napper